10 Of The Tallest And Most Impressive Skyscrapers In The World

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Skyscrapers have become a beautiful part of the landscape for many large cities. They typically house important businesses, banks, or tourist locations. Many people will visit these places just for the thrill of getting to the top and being able to look at the surrounding area from a tall point of view. However, many people are afraid of heights. Those people should avoid the skyscrapers listed below, because they are not for the faint of heart!

Al Hamra Tower

This skyscraper is the tallest building in Kuwait at 1,354 feet, or 412.6 meters tall. It is also the 23rd tallest building in the world, and was designed by three architectural firms, being Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, and finally Callison.

Trump International Hotel And Tower

Of course Donald Trump has one of the tallest buildings in the world. The Trump International Hotel and Tower can be found in Chicago, U.S., and stands tall at 1,389 feet, or 423 meters.

2 International Finance Centre

The 2 International Finance Centre, which was completed in 2003, stands at an impressive 412 meters tall. For clarification, this is ten meters greater than a quarter mile!

Guangzhou International Finance Center

This 1,439 foot tall building in China is a part of the Guangzhou Twin Towers. The other tower is still under construction. It is currently the fifteenth tallest building in the world, and was designed by Wilkinson Eyre.


The CITIC Plaza, found in the Tianhe District, China, is the tallest concrete structure in the world. The building stands at a massive 391 meters tall, or 1,283 feet.

Willis Tower

The Willis Tower, found in Chicago, is commonly referred to as the Sears Tower, and has 108 stories. It is a massive 1451 feet, or 442 meters, and is the second tallest building in the whole of the US.

Shun Hing Square

This skyscraper can be found in China and stands at 1,260 feet tall, or 384 meters. It also has a width to height ratio of 1:9, making it one of the thinnest buildings in the world.

Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower, or also known as the One World Trade Center, is the tallest in the U.S. and has an interesting background. It’s height of 1,776 feet corresponds with the year the U.S. was founded – 1776.

Empire State Building

This list would not be complete without the Empire State Building. This skyscraper stands tall at 1,250 feet (or 381 meters) and is a tourist attraction for many in New York City.

Burj Khalifa

This building, located in the United Arab Emirates is almost a kilometer tall, at 2,717 feet, or 828 meters, and it is the tallest building in the world.