10 Of The Strangest Superstitions From Around The World

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Superstition is a notion or belief, not based on experience, knowledge or reason. The word is usually used to refer to people’s beliefs considered irrational. Superstitions are a huge part of many people’s daily lives. Some people cannot finish a meal without throwing a pinch of salt over their left shoulder, while some people cannot stand the thought of stepping on cracks in the sidewalk. You will not believe but some superstitious beliefs are far weirder than others. Take a look at some of the strangest superstitions from around the world.

Chewing Gum

According to the author of Black Cats and Four Leaf Clovers, Harry Oliver, people in Turkey believe that if a person is chewing gum at night in Turkey, they are in fact chewing rotting dead flesh.


Some individuals think that to keep nightmares away and to bring good luck, they must hang a horseshoe on a doorknob or in their room with its ends pointing upwards. The belief arises from the fact that a horse shoe is made of iron, therefore, it can ward off evil spirits that may haunt people in their dreams, and has 7 holes, which is considered a lucky number.

Bird Poop

People in Russia believe that if a bird defecates on your property, your car or you, it is a sign of good luck and may bring you wealth.

Black Cats

Most individuals have heard the saying that if a black cat crosses your way it is a sign of bad luck. The superstition finds its origin in the middles ages due to the misinterpreted belief that single ladies (generally elderly) who associated themselves with many cats were in fact witches who could become cats themselves. Therefore, a black cat crossing a person’s way could in fact be a witch.


Most individuals use mirrors each day which means, according to this superstition, most individuals are soulless. According to a superstition, gazing into a mirror captures your soul.

Itchy palms

There appears to be a number of variations on this superstition; however, the idea of having an itchy palm usually refers to someone who has an insatiable desire for money and is greedy. Some individuals think that if their right palm itches, they will lose cash, while an itchy left palm means that money is coming their way.


In Ancient Britain, ladies carried acorns in the pockets to remain looking young. It was believed that the oak tree wards off diseases and provides longevity due to its long life.


In Spain, people celebrate the eve of new year with 12 grapes and cava. By midnight, every time the clock chimes, people have to put one grape in their mouth and eat it. By the time the clock has completed chiming, they have to have finished their grapes. It is said that consuming all the grapes for the eve of new year will bring you happiness and luck for the new year.


In Nigeria, an eclipse is viewed as God’s anger toward a sinful country. Back in 2001, the superstition got completely out of control as Muslims attacked Christians during a lunar eclipse. In 2006, government officials and authorities launched a campaign, an eclipse year, to educate individuals in Nigeria about the real reasons for eclipses.

Spirit Houses

In Thailand, most office owners and house owners have their own spirit house outside in their backyard or on their lawn. This small house is a dwelling constructed on top of a pedestal which spirits can make their home. The aim of these houses is to prevent harm from befalling the office buildings and houses. Owners place gifts, toy figures, water and food inside the spirit house to attract the spirits. It is believed that if the spirits accept these gifts, they will protect the building or house.