10 Of The Strangest Spa Treatments You Can Get

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For the majority of people on this planet, a spa treatment represents the chance to sit back, relax, and have someone else pamper you for an entire afternoon while you get away from the stress of every day life. Most of these treatments at the local spa only require a nice massage with warm hands, a steam room, or a facial mask made of green goop. To some people, however, these treatments are not the norm. Instead, there are individuals out there paying for a different type of service; and no, it is not a happy ending. Here are ten bizarre spa treatments we’d be interested in trying.

Cactus Massage

The Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico, claims a cactus massage will help rehydrate the skin and remove any toxins from your body. They use a warm mixture of cactus leaves, tuna, and the bloom from the cactus on their patients.

Beer Soaking Massage

The Czech Beer Bath has turned taking a dip in a huge tub of milk into bathing in a tub filled to the brim with good beer. You can soak in the power of the alcohol while drinking a pint of the specially brewed beer, too. It is good for the hair, skin, and even for your blood circulation.

Snail Slime Moisturizer

Apparently, snail farmers within Chile noticed that the slime from their creatures helped wounds to heal faster and that their skin felt smoother. Spa treatments have since introduced the snail slime for the skin.

Leech Therapy

Leeches have long been used to treat a variety of medical conditions, but spa resorts have actually been using about 15 different species to help beautify their patients. The treatment requires the leeches to attach to specific body parts and suck bad toxins out.

Thai Face Slapping

Face slapping is exactly what it sounds like — you pay someone to slap your face. The slapping doesn’t come cheap either, with customers paying around $300 per session. Apparently it helps your skin feel younger, and reduces stress and tension.

Fish Nibble Pedicure

One of the more bizarre spa treatments requires individuals to stick their feet inside of a tub filled with warm water and small fish. These fish then nibble away the dead skin on your feet and lower legs.

Placenta Facial

This is probably one of the more disgusting treatments out there. The placenta facial has become popular amongst day spas in Singapore, where the placenta of humans and animals is spread across a patron’s face like a mask.

Bull Semen Hair Treatment

The Bull Semen Hair Treatment is positively gross. Santa Monica, California, has been using bull semen to treat a patient’s hair. It is said to make the hair appear thicker, stronger, and far more fuller in appearance.

Bird Droppings Facial

Most people go out of their way to avoid bird droppings, which makes wiping said poop on people’s faces so disgusting and bizarre. The enzymes within the feces is said to remove dead skin cells and promote new growth.

Urine Therapy

Urine therapy is certainly not something new in the world of spa treatments. When applied topically, urine from humans or animals is said to clear any skin conditions currently being experienced by the individual. It is still gross, though.