10 Of The Strangest Phobias In The World

Phobias are incredibly common, as most people suffer from one or more in their lifetime. The majority of people tend to be scared of spiders or clowns, but some individuals out there are scared of things that are truly more bizarre and shocking than anything we could imagine. Such fears include peanut butter or sitting down in a comfortable chair. Really, who is terrified of those things? Well, the answer is simple: there are a lot of people with those phobias. Here are ten of the most extremely bizarre phobias that real people actually suffer from.


Automatonophobia is the very real fear of a ventriloquist’s dummy. Ventriloquism is already creepy enough, but the dummy itself tends to be a bit more terrifying to the everyday human being, apparently.


Cathisophobia is the very unreasonable fear of sitting down. This is one of the stranger phobias to have developed within a person’s mind, but they truly believe that sitting could cause them pain or discomfort.