10 Of The Strangest Haircuts Of All Time

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Something that most people have to do is get their haircut. For the vast majority of people it is simply something of a chore that needs to be done in order to make sure that hair doesn’t grow too long and get out of hand. For others though, their hair is a hugely important part of who they are, and they use it to express their individuality with some outlandish hairstyles. In some cases a haircut can even be a bizarre fashion statement. Well, the ones in this list have certainly made a statement, we’re just not sure what the statement is!

Hand Hair

Although very creepy, this hairstyle could also double as a pair of ear protectors.

Lazy Lizard

To be fair, who wouldn’t want a lizard resting on their head while they go about their daily business?

Like This

An imaginative way to get likes for your Facebook page.

Pineapple Head

Just in case you ever need to disguise yourself in the fruit section of the supermarket.


A perfect self-defense mechanism in case of attack, allowing the woman to fight off her attackers.

Feeling Horny

It almost looks like this women is some sort of cross between a human and a Minotaur.

New York, New York

This woman clearly loves New York very much as she has modeled her hair on the Statue of Liberty.

Musical Head

You’d have to really like violins to decide to have one as your hairstyle of choice.

Mustang Fringe

A galloping haircut for the man who needs to look stylish and fast.

Golden Lips

As if they three pairs of sunglasses weren’t enough, she has managed to make an enormous pair of lips out of her golden locks.