10 Of The Strangest Competitions Ever Created

Most of the competitions that you will have competed in, attended, or even seen on television will have been of games that are common throughout the world. It might be contests that involve card games such as poker and bridge or even professional sports tournaments that see players and teams battle it out to see who is the best.

Not all competitions, though, feature established sports and games. They can actually be made up of strange activities that you would never have guessed people do competitively, just like the ones included on this list. Even more remarkable is the popularity of these apparently unusual competitions, which routinely see hundreds or even thousands of people take part.

World Worm Charming Championship

Originally founded in 1980, the World Worm Charming Championship has grown to become a large annual event, with hundreds of people taking part. The aim of the competition is to see who can entice the most worms to the surface in 30 minutes using just a pitchfork. Those taking part will then do their best to collect as many worms as possible, with the current record set at a staggering 511 worms.

World Gurning Championship

Gurning is the act of distorting your face to create a strange or funny facial expression and it was a popular pastime in many rural areas of England. In fact, many small villages would hold gurning competitions to see who could pull the best expression. It should come as no surprise then that there is a World Gurning Championship that takes place every year. The event sees competitors putting their heads through a horse collar and contorting their features in the most imaginable ways possible.