10 Of The Strangest Baby Products

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When it comes to having a baby with your significant other, nothing screams parenthood more than having to max our your credit cards in order to pay for new toys, clothing, food, bottles, diapers, and other necessities a young child is going to need in their life. Of course, some parents go above and beyond by introducing their child to far more than they really need. A lot of companies take advantage of such weary parents and display high-end products that are simply ridiculous and far-fetched. You really don’t need everything out there. Here are ten of the strangest baby products you’ll ever see.

Squirting Spoons

Squirting Spoons are said make a children’s meal a lot more fun by offering them a normal spoon but with a seemingly endless supply of food inside the squeeze tube.

Nuby Nibblers

Nuby Nibblers are bath toys designed for children to experience the pleasures and feeling of consuming real food, but without the choking hazard that comes with it.

The Kid Keeper

The Kid Keeper is useful for those parents who opt not to care for their kids as often as possible. Basically, it hangs from the bathroom door or any other door in your home and lets the child hang gently in a saddle.

Shopping Cart Covering

Of course, even shopping at the grocery store becomes a family affair when you have a child who cannot be left alone. So this cover allows them to sit comfortable within the front seat of a shopping cart.

Walking Harness

Instead of allowing your child to learn how to walk on their own, you can now force them to stand upright using the walking harness, which wraps around their tiny body and allows the feet some wiggle room out of the bottom.

Diaper Stacker

The Diaper Stacker comes in a wide variety of styles for the new parent looking to keep their diapers in a neat little stack on the door.

Milk Screener

If you simply do not trust the milk entering your baby’s body, then the Milk Screener will test the product coming from a new mother and gauge whether it is safe or not for the child.

Wet Clean Warmer

The Wet Clean Warmer is a large system that warms the wipes you use on your child’s bum so they have a nice experience while getting clean.

Heat and Go

Instead of simply heating up a bottle of milk, parents can warm up the Heat and Go, which is a travel-sized cup for a milk bottle.

Peeing Teepee

The Peeing Teepee is, simply put, astounding. The tent-shaped material will go over your newborn boy’s penis while you are changing the diaper.