10 Of The Oddest And Most Unusual Weddings Ever

We all want to have the wedding of the lifetime. Hence, we have stories of women turning into bridezillas during the stressful time of wedding planning. Who can blame them? After all, a wedding only happens once in a lifetime, that is, for most people…

How do you picture yourself with your partner for life as you both exchange sweet ‘I dos’ in front of the most special friends and family? Probably in a quaint chapel, or on a five star beach resort, or on Las Vegas officiated by Elvis, or on the very place you first met your paramour. Some people, however, are more extreme than others. They go all out to make sure they experience the dream wedding that they picture exactly in their heads. From shark tank weddings to zero gravity ceremonies, here are 10 of the most unusual and shocking weddings from around the world.

Couple Bungee Jumps After Ceremony

It was a marriage in the sky — literally. Mr. and Mrs. Kippers from Brussels, Belgium were married 160 ft. up in the air, joined by their officiant and 20 guests. After their vows, the two made the union official by bungee jumping together!

That wasn’t all — after the ceremony, the entourage were given a floating reception — complete with a three course meal, while strapped in the dining chairs. The wedding is said to have cost £25,000.

Marriage On A Morgue

A woman decided to marry her murdered fiance in a morgue. Kevin Lavelle was viciously attacked by a gang-related attack in Oxfordshire while working to raise enough money for his impending wedding with Michelle Thomas.

Heartbroken, Michelle Thomas still organized a wedding in the morgue at Oxford John Radcliffe Hospital. The wedding ceremony was witnessed by family members and friends, where the groom lay in front in an open coffin. A ring was placed on Lavelle’s finger before he was laid to rest in the coffin.

Wedding In Their Birthday Suits

Phil Hendicott and Ellie Barton of Australia decided to spend their wedding day with no clothes on, in front of their 250 guests.

The two wore close to nothing but their wedding rings. Ellie wore a ‘painted on dress’, and a wedding veil, while Phil had nothing on except for a black top hat to cover his private parts.

A Classic TJ Maxx Wedding

It was a happy-ever-after for bride Lisa Satayut. In an interview, Lisa explained that she is a self-confessed ‘Maxxinista’. TJ Maxx is her ‘happy place’–and thus decided to get married there. The bride and her groom Drew Ellis got married in the size 8 shoe aisle of the store with a strapless chiffon wedding dress, long gloves and gladiator sandals (which we guess are from TJ Maxx) Curious passers-by stopped bargain hunting to watch the momentous event.

Marriage In A Shark Tank

Mr. and Mrs. Curry from New York City got married inside a 120,000 gallon shark tank. The bride wore a white wetsuit and the groom wore black, and said their ‘I dos’ while circled by different types sharks and eels. Both were experienced divers and had to broadcast their words to the officiant, friends, and family, none of whom did not have the equal nerve to get into the shark tank.

World’s Longest Bridal Train

A Chinese bride from Guangzhou set the record for the world’s longest bridal train at over 600 feet! The train weighed 100 kilograms. Bride Xie Qiyun had her photos taken in front a hotel in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province for her special day.

Zero Gravity Wedding

New York couple Erin and Noah Fulmor exchanged their ‘I dos’ in zero gravity on a Boeing 727-200 aircraft, which created a weightless environment for the wedding guests. Richard Garriott, an astronaut, officiated the ceremony.

Wedding On Two Wheels

This couple are both bicycle lovers–they decided to get married in an unusual but active way–they rode in bicycles all over the city, accompanied by their fellow cycling wedding guests.

World’s Most Bidesmaids

Guinness World Records has a lot of zany records–one of them is for having the most bridesmaids in a wedding. A bride from Ohio named Jill Stapleton, had 110 bridesmaids to walk with her down the aisle for her wedding. All her bridesmaids were her students to Jill’s Tumble World, a dance school that the bride owned.

99,999 Roses As A Gesture of Love

A groom from Central China is said to have saved a year’s salary to purchase 99,999 roses for his beloved bride, Xiao Liu for their wedding. In China, 999 is said to be a sign of good luck.

The flowers were flown in from the other side of the country and required 30 cars to take all the roses to the service. As if that wasn’t enough, the groom donated 20% of the cost of the flowers to charity for more good luck.