10 Of The Most Ridiculous Crime Excuses Ever Given

When people get caught doing something they are not supposed to do, they usually come up with an excuse. And while most excuses do tend to be illogical and strange, sometimes people’s creativity and imagination gets mixed up with their sense of self-preservation, resulting in some of the most ridiculous ‘it’s not what it looks like,’ responses. In the everyday life this is a given. However, what makes such situations even more weird and, in a sense, funny, is giving such inadequate excuses in front of police officers and in the court of law. Without any further adieu, here are 10 of the most ridiculous crime excuses ever given.

‘Child Porn On My PC? It Must Be My Cat’s Deed!’

This might seem as a joke you’d read only online, but tell a joke a hundred times and somewhere in the world it might as well become true! In 2009, while investigating the 48-year-old Keith Griffin, Florida detectives discovered as much as 1,000 photos of child pornography on his computer. His explanation? He stated to the police that he often left the room, while downloading music, and when he would get back, he’d find these strange pornographic images on his PC, further adding that his cat would often jump on his keyboard and download stuff he didn’t want.

‘I’m The Incarnation Of Mahatama Gandhi!’

Some people do say weird things as explanations for their crimes. However, Raj Ballabh takes the cake for the most religiously-unaware one. When he was convicted of attempted murder in 2003, the man stated that he was suffering from a delusion disorder that led him to believe that he was the true incarnation of Mahatma Gandhi. We don’t know how Gandhi would even hurt a fly, but Raj did try to kill a man, thus he was sentenced for a fine and as much as seven years in prison.