10 Of The Most Popular And Powerful Handguns In The World

With all of the recent attacks occurring around the world from the likes of ISIS and other terrorist organizations, the act of self-defense and preservation has become immensely popular. People are buying firearms, especially handguns, and gun sales are reaching an all-time high in the countries where you may legally purchase a firearm for self-defense. Handguns, being compact and powerful enough to stop an immediate threat, are popular and useful. Here are the ten most popular and powerful handguns in the entire world.


Designed and produced by Glock GmbH in Austria, the Glock-17 has turned into one of the most easily recognized and used handguns and firearms in the entire world. Law enforcement agencies have adapted the weapon for their own personal use, but homeowners have made use of its compact size and stopping power for their own defense.

Smith & Wesson .500 S&W Magnum

The Smith & Wesson .500 S&W Magnum, designed and produced in the United States, is considered one of the best weapons for personal use, especially for hunting. The revolver has an extended barrel, which offers high stopping power, at the cost of higher recoil.