10 Of The Most Haunted Hotels In The Entire World

Halloween is nearly upon us, which means the best time of the year to explore the most haunted locations in your area or state has finally come. All throughout the world, there are so many hotels, homes, ranches, hospitals, and prisons that are said to be completely haunted with the spirits of the dead. Curious tourists and thrill-seekers tend to go for a night tour, but with these ten haunted hotels, the night tour may be the wrong time to explore the hallways. Beware of a ghost or two breathing down your neck.

Crescent Hotel, Arkansas

The Crescent Hotel, in Arkansas, was created in 1886 as a luxury hotel and spa. It is considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in all of the United States. People claim at least eight different spirits have been witnessed within the halls.

Dr. Holms Hotel, Norway

The Dr. Holms Hotel, which is located within the ski resort town of Geilo, Norway, is a luxury hotel with a spa, swimming pools, a gym, and plenty more. Unfortunately, a young woman hanged herself in 1926, and her spirit is said to live within room No. 320.