10 Of The Most Feared Guerrilla Groups In The World

Driven by the desire to rise up and revolt against the government, notable guerrilla groups throughout history have taken up arms and violence in order to get what they want. Some may have had noble goals at one point, but many just turned to terror for the people within their country and the surrounding area. A lot have resorted to horrifying acts of violent, including large-scale terrorist attacks, beheadings, summary executions, and more. Here are ten of the most feared guerrilla groups.


The Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist group from Afghanistan, are known for enforcing their version of Sharia law when they are in power. The group has been condemned by governments across the world for their brutal treatment of women and the acts of terrorism they have committed.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad

A known faction of the Islamic Jihad Movement, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has an ideology that clashes with almost everyone they come into contact with. Violence and attacks, including over 30 suicide bombings, are known to follow in their wake.