10 Of The Most Extreme Life Forms On Earth

This planet is loaded down with millions of different species that strive in their native habitats, despite loads of predators and encroaching construction by human beings. Nature is one of the biggest predators on the entire planet, with weather patterns, anomalies, and diseases taking out numerous species on a yearly basis. Despite that, a lot of animals have managed to adapt to their surroundings and survive where others could not. These animals are the most extreme, because they can swim through the deepest of trenches, run through the hottest of deserts, and survive in the coldest of glaciers. Here are ten of the most extreme forms of life on the planet.

Blue Whale

The Blue Whale is the largest animal on the entire planet, measuring up to 109-feet in length and weighing well over 200 tons. Not a single other animal has managed to come close to their size or weight.


The Platypus is certainly not the biggest, fastest, or more dangerous animal on the planet, but these Australian mammals somehow adapted to their surroundings perfectly. They can detect the electrical signals in the water as a fish swims by. The males also secrete a non-lethal venom to tackle prey.