10 Of The Most Extravagant Hotels In The World

People with a lot of money tend to want to spend their hard-earned cash in extravagant locations on some of the nicest, most expensive vacations ever. These vacations require a place to spend the night and rest for the time being, of course, so expensive hotels have begun cropping up around the world, offering the rich and fancy some respite from the rest of the world. Those with enough cash to spend a night or a week in one of the following ten places should count themselves lucky. Here are ten of the most extravagant hotels in the world.

Triple Creek Ranch, Darby, Montana

The Triple Creek Ranch, Darby, Montana, is known for pampering those who stay there as if they were royalty. The hotel offers scenic hikes, wildlife expeditions, wine tasting events, cattle drives, and even helicopter tours overhead the Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.

Nayara Springs, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Nayara Springs, La Fortuna, Costa Rica, is the home of around 16 impressive villas at the moment. Each one boasts a private pool, which uses local mineral spring water to fill from the nearby Arenal Volcano. A jungle retreat, spa, and yoga sessions are all available.