10 Of The Most Expensive Typos In History

You’ve likely seen a typo every now and then in a sales promotional that seemed to be offering a product for much less than you thought it should be. Most likely, these typos might cost the store a couple of cents or a few dollars but most typos of this nature are not going to be ones that make headlines. On the other hand, there have been some typos over the course of retail history, and our history in general, that have definitely cost those who made the mistake a handsome sum of cash. For the most part, these people have tried to keep their mistake under wraps because it can be quite embarrassing. They couldn’t keep those mistakes under wraps forever though and we’ve brought a list of the 10 most expensive typos in history for your entertainment.

The 150 Year Old Beer

Allsopp’s Artic Ale have bottles that are more than 150 years old. Alsop’s does not. One eBay seller learned this the hard way when he left off a P from his listing. One eBay user realized the mistake and purchased the bottle for just over $300. He then turned around and sold the collector’s item, with both P’s in place for more than $500,000.

The Racist Cookbook

In the 2010 printing of the Pasta Bible in Australia called for one dish to have “salt and freshly ground black people.” While there wasn’t a recall, the company did destroy 7,000 copies of the book in its inventory, meaning it threw about $20,000 out the window.