10 Of The Most Expensive Prices Of Lingerie

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Every woman tries to achieve a hot and sexually seductive persona via the use of sensual lingerie and underwear that makes people sweat. However, some go to extreme lengths finding not only the most sexy underwear, but also the most expensive ones. Are you a person who loves diamonds and gold or do you prefer underwear that has already been worn by celebrities? Whether you consider those few pieces of lingerie hot or not, the truth is that these are 10 of the most expensive pieces of underwear in the world.

Roxelana Girdle Crystal Dress

Known as the Roxelana Girdle Crystal Dress and part of the Bordelle Christmas Capsule Collection, this lingerie set is not only gorgeous, but was also sold for as much as $4,700.

La Perla Lingerie Set

Worn by Kylie Minogue on the cover of her 2012 calendar, the red La Perla Lingerie Set was sold at an auction for as much as $7,950.

Monica Lewinsky Lingerie Memorabilia

Sold at an auction for just over $12,000, this lingerie may not look like anything special but its price comes from the fact that it once belonged to the infamous Monica Lewinsky.

The Uwe Koetter Chastity Belt

Created by Uwe Koetter for a private client in South Africa, this chastity belt sold for $20,000. It features gold, pearl and diamond elements.

Yellow Gold Lingerie Set

Featured at a lingerie show in Shenyang City in northern China back in 2007, this lingerie set took over four months to make and while it was never sold, it is valued at more than $26,000.

The Kate Middleton Sheer Dress Bra And Briefs

Worn by Kate Middleton at a fashion show attended by Prince William in 2002, the Sheer Dress, bra and briefs, was sold at an auction for $125,000.

The ORRA Diamond Bustier By Anamika Khanna

Worn by Bollywood actress Malaika Arora and designed by Anamika Khanna, this Diamond Bustier is worth a little over $1 million.

The Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Line

The Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Line includes a number of bras and lingerie sets that are valued in the millions. However one of the most expensive and extravagant ones was the $12.5 million diamond-encrusted bra, which was worn by Heidi Klum in the 2001 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Gisele Bundchen’s Ruby and Diamond Encrusted Bra

Although Heidi’s bra was the most expensive ones ever made at the 2000 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, Gisele Bundchen’s Ruby and Diamond Encrusted lingerie set received the record for the most expensive lingerie set ever made, valued at $15 million.

The Molly Sims Diamond Bikini

Shattering the Guinness World Records for most expensive bra, this lingerie was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Designed by Susan Rosen, the diamond bikini has an estimated worth of $30 million.