10 Of The Most Dangerous Foods In The World

Raw Cashews

You probably didn’t realize these guys are dangerous. Nut allergies aside, “raw” cashews contain a potentially fatal toxin called urushiol that is most dangerous when consumed in large quantities. So what’s in that bag of “raw” cashews at your grocery store? Those guys have all been steamed to rid them of the chemical. Go ahead, eat all you want!

Casu Marzu

Want to be stuck in your bathroom for a few days? You just might get that chance if you nosh on some Casu Marzu. This Scandinavian tradition involves eating a sheep’s milk Pecorino that contains live, wiggling maggots. They are lethal, but can live long enough to make it into your intestines and bring you to your knees (and toilet). The cheese has been banned by the EU which sounds like a good choice!