10 Of The Most Colorful Animals In Existence

Wildlife can be extremely interesting. From the most vicious of attackers, to extremely cute and harmless creatures, the animal kingdom has it all. Beasts stronger than any man alive and fragile and innocent little angels that can warm a man’s heart, express just a small fraction of the variety of animals the world around us is filled with. In our egocentric everyday life we rarely put time down to appreciate these awe-inspiring living creatures. However, if you have just a few simple moments, we’ve gathered for you 10 of the most colorful and awe-inspiring animals in existence.

The Pheasant

One of the most beautiful and colorful birds in existence, the pheasants can be found all around the world. With over 35 different species, the pheasants can gloat upon other birds with varying colors of gold, brown, white, purple and green.

The Scarlet Macaw

Even though the Scarlet Macaw is quite infamous for its bright colors and its appearance on the shoulders of pirates, it is nonetheless one of the most colorful birds in existence. They are also quite strong and extremely social and intelligent.