10 Of The Most Beautiful Comets Ever

Comets are a spectacular thing to witness. They have been the source of myths, stories, and tales over the course of history, and nowadays they are a subject of scientific research and a coveted photograph subject. Comets are thought of as something magical and enchanting, but scientifically they are anything but! They are actually the culmination of the leftovers of stars and planets from billions of years ago. They are made from bits and pieces of ice, dust, and gas. Regardless of what they’re made of, they are a brilliant thing to see, and this list is a compilation of ten of the most beautiful comets ever seen.


This comet was sighted in 2011, and the photographs the were taken of it were absolutely stunning. It’s a long-period comet, which means it stuck around for a few years.


There were only two comets to show themselves during the 1970’s, and Comet Bennett was one of them.