10 Of The Most Awesome Man Caves You’ll Ever See

The Horror Pit

A brilliant cave for any fans of the horror genre. Not only does it have a spooky gothic look, but it also contains memorabilia from some of the most iconic horror movies ever made, including Freddy Krueger’s glove, his recognizable sweater, and Jason Voorhees’ mask.

While horror buffs will love the room, it still may still be a bit unsettling at night, particularly with Freddy popping his head up from behind the couch.

The Classy Big Kid

A lot of us would like a man cave with a soccer table, air hockey machine and drum kit in it, although most people wouldn’t be able to afford the quality of the ones shown here.

There’s also the wood paneling, the lights, the mirrors, the other instruments, and a blackjack table in the corner. This room may contain some big boy’s toys, but it still exudes class.