10 Of The Hottest Professional Golfer WAGs Of 2015

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When we talk about professional athletes and the women they are able to lure in, we don’t usually think of professional golfers. Despite the fact that we’re looking at NFLers, NBA players, MLB players and even NHLers as the ones who score the really hot wives and girlfriends, we need to stop overlooking professional golfers if the women on this list are any indication. Some of the women on this list are famous in their own right and others are relatively unknown but they’re all incredibly good looking. Check out our list of the 10 hottest PGA Wags of 2015 and see if you agree whether all of these girls belong on the list.

Ellie Day

There was a time this little hottie was shooting up the charts as an up and coming star of the future farmers of America. Now she’s the wife of professional golfer Jason Day, who’s an up and comer himself.

Gala Alten

While there isn’t a ton known about Gala Alten we certainly know she’s a stunningly beautiful woman. We also know she’s been dating Pablo Larrazabal for quite some time now.

Paulina Gretzky

Before she became the girlfriend of Dustin Johnson, Paulina was known as the hot daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. She’s also someone who has long been known of being someone who’s happy to show off her… talents on social media.

Kandi Mahan

This former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is now married to professional golfer Hunter Mahan. She left cheerleading in order to start a family but that doesn’t mean her looks have left her.

Jillian Stacey

Jillian Stacey is the incredibly hot girlfriend of colorful American golfer Keegan Bradley. The pair actually grew up just a few minutes away from each other but only found each other later in life.

Annie Verret

Annie Verret actually met and started dating Jordan Spieth when the two were still in high school. It’s not a real mystery why Spieth has worked hard to hang on to this girl.

Amanda Dufner

Amanda Dufner is the wife of Jason Dufner and she’s certainly someone who is confident in her appearance. After seeing the many photos she’s posted on social media, it’s certainly not a mystery as to why she’s so confident.

Sonya Toms

Sonya Toms has always been right by her husband David Toms since he first started his career. He’s a lucky man, considering just how hot Sonya is.

Amber Watney

Amber is no stranger to golf as her father is Rusty Uresti, an old-hand caddie for the PGA Tour. When her husband Nick Watney’s caddie got sick during a tournament she filled in. She instantly became the hottest caddie on the tour.

Kristin Stape

Kristin owns and operates her own interior design firm and she met and began dating golfer Graeme McDowell when he hired her firm to work on his house. They’ve been hot and heavy ever since, with Stape covering the “hot” part quite well.