10 Of The Funniest Reasons People Got Fired

We all hate our jobs sometimes, but we would do everything we can to keep them, allowing us to take care of ourselves and our families. Yet beyond this, some people decide to do some stupid or crazy things that they know will get them in trouble, but try to get away with anyways. It is these people that made it into this list of ten of the funniest reasons people got fired. Most of these folks turned around and became remorseful, but unfortunately the deeds were done.

Over A Twix

Robert McKevitt was attempting to obtain a Twix candy bar from a vending machine at the warehouse where he worked when the machine didn’t dispense the bar. After putting in a second dollar to no avail, Mr. McKevitt decided to take matters firmly into his own hands. He got his forklift that he used for work and picked up and dropped the machine six times, resulting in three candy bars being dispensed. When his boss found out, Robert was fired without unemployment benefits, but stated that he had won when he heard that Twix decided to get all new vending machines.

Snack Run

Heather Cagle was fired from her position as a teacher that she had held for approximately 10 years. This occurred when one of her students told their grandmother about a snack run the class took to the local Walmart. Apparently Heather managed to shove 11 kids plus herself into her sedan while on this trip, including placing two students in the boot, seven on the rear seat and two in the passenger seat.