20 Great Ways To Keep Your Metabolism Burning Throughout The Day

Have you ever wanted to start eating healthily, lose some weight or just live a healthier lifestyle in general, but have no idea where to start? Eating properly is the first step to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of your exercise plan, you’re not going to lose much weight or live a healthy lifestyle while still consuming junk or fatty foods. The following list will outline twenty foods which will help boost your metabolism, keeping it burning throughout the day. While you don’t have to consume each and every one of the foods on this list, cutting back on the unhealthy food you’re already eating and switching them with a few of these is a great way to begin your journey.


Apples are considered a good carb and contain a whole heap of fiber. Eating two apples per day is enough to fill your recommended fruit intake, while only consuming approximately 100 calories. Apples are packed with various vitamins, including Vitamin B, C, E and K.


Almonds when eaten in moderation can provide some great health benefits. While they’re considered relatively high in fat, the fat contained within almonds is monosaturated; the same fat found in olive oil. Eating a handful of almonds a day has proven to reduce heart disease, while helping to keep your weight down.


Green vegetables are a must have in any healthy diet, and broccoli is the one you should eat. Broccoli has been proven to lower cholesterol, rid your body of toxins while being a good source of vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin K. Broccoli can be eaten raw or steamed and is a good snack to keep on you. However, you should avoid dipping sauces as they are usually high in fat and sugar.

Low-Fat Plain Yogurt

Low-fat plain yogurt is probiotic, meaning it’s filled with good bacteria. This good bacteria aids in digestion and can relieve digestive problems. Yogurt is low in calories, high in protein and low in fat, all of which are perfect for maintaining a healthy diet. Avoid flavored yogurts, as the flavoring usually results in higher sugar contents. Honey and brown sugar are perfect for flavoring plain yogurts.