10 Of The Funniest Facebook Posts You’ll Ever See

Facebook has long since been a place where people from all over the world can connect, share, and laugh. It is also a wonderful site for sharing ideas and thoughts that would provide some insight into the minds and lives of others. Unfortunately for some, this is also a place where you can be seen at your very dumbest point, with absolutely nobody but yourself to filter your thoughts – thanks Jayden Smith! Fortunately for the rest of us, it is these people that lack filters that provide us the entertainment for today. This is a list of 10 Hilarious Facebook posts from less than intelligent people.

Gay Marriage

Seems like this hypocrite didn’t have as much of a Christian upbringing as she seems to be making out.

Password Hacks

Out of the three schmucks who decided to show their passwords, it’s hard to pick the funniest one.