10 Of The Funniest Chalkboard Signs You’ll Ever See

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How do you like your bars? It’s usually the same old answers: clean, friendly and serving good drinks. However, the new generation of bars doesn’t only include good service and good drinks, but also some awesome signs to make you laugh before you even enter the bar. From 3D Tinder, across Disney characters who like to drink all the way to vodka telling you that you can dance, all the signs are nothing short of hilarious. Here’s the ten funniest chalkboard signs you’ve ever seen!

I hate Alcohol

Do as Disney characters would do. Drink like Dory do.

Trust Me, You Can Dance

Vodka would never lie to you.

Unattended Children Will Be Given An Espresso

Parents, be warned!

No Hipsters

We’re not sure if hamsters should ever be excluded from social gatherings. They are adorable!

Free Beer And Topless Bartenders

The small print is what matters. As always.

Pie And Lattes

World is divided into Pilates and Pie and Lattes people. And the second category go to bars.

After Coffee

Resting bitch face is always in style.


Bacon’s really the only thing that matters. Roses are not that trendy anyway.

Not Giving A Shit

We bet you had an inkling. Let us tell you a secret: it takes only one shot, too.

Hiding From Wife

An Irish pub went so far as to help anyone hide from their wives.