10 Of The Deadliest Poisons Known To Man

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Poison is a chemical that can be highly toxic and harmful to the human body. When a poison is ingested or accepted into the body, it tends to either shut down various organs and kill the host or simply cause a lot of pain and sickness. Poison can be brought into the body through ingestion, inhalation, or absorption through the skin. There are cures for many poisons, but some tend to lead to death before many victims can get help from the poison control society in their area or the local hospital. Here are ten of the most deadly poisons known to man.


Botulinum is considered the number one most toxic poison in the entire world. It is generally used in cosmetic products, but a single teaspoon is said to kill up to 1.2 billion people. When it comes into contact with the body, it may cause blurred vision, slurred speech, muscle weakness, and death.


Ricin is a type of deadly poison that can be found in various plants, especially castor beans. The poison is capable of being extracted and used against mankind as a sort of weapon of mass destruction. It is almost always fatal if chewed or swallowed.

Dart Frog Poison

The poison produced by the infamous Dart Frog, which lives within rainforests, is said to be toxic enough to kill a grown man with ease. The frog produces the poison within their body, and it can slip into a victim’s nervous system with a simple touch.


Sarin is a deadly nerve gas that was created as a pesticide in 1983. Instead, it was used against people during the Iran-Iraq war, and in Japan in 1995. Symptoms of the poison include a runny nose, but breathing will soon become immensely difficult for those affected. Victims generally end up comatose.


Tetrodotoxin is known for blocking nerves in the body, essentially stopping nerve cells from firing correctly. This is the poison located within the deadly puffer fish, and will cause paralysis and death within six hours after ingestion.


Cyanide is probably the most well known poison in the entire world, as it has been used in deadly terrorist attacks on numerous occasions. If a human inhales or consumes cyanide they will die within 20 seconds from asphyxiation.


VX is an extremely toxic substance that has no other uses other than being a nerve agent. This substance is an extremely lethal gas, and was outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993. This essentially means that there cannot be more than 100 grams stockpiled of the substance in any given year.


Strychhine is completely toxic, colorless, and quite bitter. It was discovered to be in the seeds of the nux vomica tree and various plants in the genus strychnos. Infection tends to cause all muscles in the spinal cord to contract at the same time.


Anthrax is one of the substances on this list you’ve probably heard of before. This substance is extremely lethal, and usually enters the body through inhalation. The first symptoms you’ll experience if you’ve ingested anthrax is cold and flu-like symptoms, and death usually follows days after.


Amatoxin is found in many things people consume on a regular basis, including various types of mushrooms. The poison is known to affect the liver, and may result in respiratory diseases and an eventual coma.