10 Of The Craziest Cults To Have Ever Existed

Children of God

One of the most despised cults in history, the Children of God attracted criticism because of its beliefs and the way it recruited new members, as female followers were often pressured into promising sex to men who would join the group in a bid to entice them to join. However, it was their belief that sexual intercourse with children was not wrong that attracted the most hatred. The cult argued that sex with minors was completely acceptable and encouraged members to do so by stating it was a natural act.

Solar Temple

A former Gestapo officer named Luc Joret set up the Solar Temple cult, teaching his followers that the world was to be destroyed by a series of devastating natural disasters. He then collected money from members as a way to ensure that they would be saved from the upcoming apocalypse. In 1994, 53 cultists committed mass suicide in Switzerland as they thought it would lead them to salvation.