10 Of The Best Real Life Optical Illusions

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The world around us is a strange and magical place, and the more we explore and try to understand it, the more complex it seems to us. There are many sights that can be witnessed around the world that are truly unique and sometimes unbelievable. Sometimes, however, it is our own eyes that try to deceive us and make things seem stranger than they really are. Optical illusions occur around us quite regularly, and this list features 10 of the most amazing optical illusions captured in everyday life.

Two-Headed Zebra

No this Zebra does not have two heads. It is just a photograph that has been timed to perfection.

Who Is Taller?

Observe this photograph careful and try to decide which one of these people is the tallest. The man in the background on the dune is included in the competition as well.

Massive Pipe

The placement of the pipe perfectly coincides with the slope of the landscape in the distance, creating a great optical illusion.

Tiny Horses

Are the horses really small, or is the table extremely enormous?

Get Off My Back

Don’t you just hate it when you try to take a photograph with your friends and a small man just climbs onto your back without asking for permission!

Benjamin Button Photograph

A great optical illusion making it seem like the small boy has a grown man’s head attached to his body.

The Perfect Relationship

You know you have something special on your hands when you don’t know where you end and where your partner begins.

Marriage Is An Illusion

For some reason, these people want you to believe that they are really small in comparison to the bride and groom. To their credit, it is working perfectly!

Awkward Hug

These people clearly have no idea how to share a hug. They have contorted themselves into a terrible mess while trying to hug.

Violin In Nature

A beautiful illusion that makes the islands in the distance look like a violin thanks to the reflection on the water.