10 Of The Best 3D Tattoos

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When it comes to tattoos, there are various types out there but 3D tattoos are always amazing to look at and sometimes they look like they will jump right off the skin. These ten 3D tattoos are some of the best that have ever been created and will make you start thinking about what you might want to get put on your own body. If you aren’t careful, you might think that someone has a spider crawling out of their skin or a huge hole in their leg, and then you simply realize it is just a great tattoo.

Spider Man Tattoo

This looks like SpiderMan is about to come out of this guys skin and start showing off his costume.

Graphic Leg

At a glance this leg looks like it is full of holes and has an amazing pattern on it, but it is simply a great tattoo.

Tattoo Gun

This tattoo makes it look like the tattoo gun is on her leg at all times. It appears to be real at a glance.

Zipper Tattoo

This zipper tattoo was the perfect way to cover up a scar.

Jigsaw Tattoo

This jigsaw tattoo appears to have a piece of the foot missing, and is ready to be put back in.

Nail Tattoo

This tattoo looks just like the nails are in his shoulder and the blood is streaming down. You can even see the shadow.

Spider Tattoo

This spider tattoo looks so real that someone might end up trying to hit it off his shoulder. With the shadows, you would never guess this was just a tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo

This tattoo looks as if gorgeous butterfly has landed on her shoulder and is ready to take flight again.

Eye Tattoo

This eye tattoo looks so realistic that, at a glance, you would think it was simply an eye, but it is really just a tattoo on someone’s arm.

Camera Tattoo

This camera tattoo is perfect for any photographer. You will look ready to take the next shot no matter where you are at with this one.