10 Of Strangest Things About Japan’s Sex Culture

Sex Propaganda

Japanese sex industry has a real problem with Chinese sex tourists as it is very common for rich Chinese businessman to travel to Japan for the sole purpose of having fun with prostitutes while being absolutely negligent about the rules of the game. Wealthy businessmen from China apparently eat sushi off the naked bodies of Japanese women, bring in laptops and ask them to reenact favorite porn scenes, have absolutely no manners, and take photographs despite “No Camera” signs.

College Rape Parties

Super Free is social club at Waseda University that has turned into a rape club. The way it works is parties are hosted and then boys from richer universities get girls from less prestigious universities drunk and sometimes drugged and proceeding to gang rape them. The practice become so well-tuned that the owners of the bar took photos of the girls as they were being raped in order to secure themselves from getting reported to the police.