10 Oddly Elaborate Final Meals Of Death Row Inmates

Steven Woods

Steven Woods was executed in 2011 after murdering a young couple. For his final meal, Woods requested two pounds of bacon, a four-meat pizza, four fried chicken pieces, two drinks apiece of Mountain Dew, Pepsi, root beer, and sweet tea, two pints of ice cream, five chicken fried steaks, two hamburgers, both with bacon, French Fries, plus a dozen garlic bread sticks complete with marinara dipping sauce.

Robert Alton Harris

Robert Alton Harris was executed in 1992 after murdering two teenage boys. He requested a 21-piece Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket, two Domino’s Pizzas, ice cream, a whole bag of jelly beans, a six-pack of Pepsi, and his final pack of Camel cigarettes.