10 Odd Popcorn Flavors You Should Consider Trying

Popcorn is such a delicate and tasty snack that almost everyone has eaten a couple of times in their lives. We all know popcorn comes in a variety of delicious flavors such as white cheddar, cheddar, caramel, regular and kettle corn. But did you know about the quirky and other odd flavors such as pizza, beer and even eggnog? Let’s take a look at some odd and strange popcorn flavors that should be on your radar, and maybe you’ll snack on one of these different flavors when you watch your next movie.


Kernel Encore creates this interesting popcorn concoction. The eggnog popcorn has a perfect blend of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg and is only available around the winter holidays.

Birthday Cake Batter

We all may love the wonderful tasty of birthday cake. But have you ever had birthday cake batter popcorn? It consists of your ordinary popcorn mixed with white chocolate, cake mix and sprinkles.