10 Nightmarish Airports You Don’t Want To Visit

Fear of flying is thought to be incredibly powerful and one of the most terrifyingly paralyzing fears known to mankind. Such statements have been made by most scientists and that’s why the fear of flying is thought to be the hardest to deal with, as well. Combine that with the rush of the airports and the mind-boggling bad organization that some airports present, it’s not surprising that many people don’t go through with jumping on a plane. We’ve searched the internet and found the ten uttermost horrible airports you should avoid at all costs.

Dammam King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia

King Fahd International is the largest airport in the world and sometimes even the pilots have trouble figuring out where the airport ends and it begins. Good luck finding your terminal!

Cleveland Hopkins International, USA

Cleveland Hopkins International is known to be one of the most dangerous airports only because of the fact that there’s a large number of irresponsible staff working there. One reported case featured a controller working during the night was once suspended for watching a DVD while he was supposed to be directing air traffic.