10 Music Concerts That Ended In Violence

Attending a concert is the perfect way for anyone to spend their weekend, especially if you are really into music. There are so many options for concerts these days, from rock bands to hip-hop, electronic to dubstep. There is a musical genre, artist, and concert for every man and woman on this planet in today’s world. Unfortunately, these concerts sometimes get out hand, and not even the hired security can handle the situation. In recent events, American band Eagles of Death Metal were playing in Paris and after hours of gunfire and at least one bomb, 89 were dead. Here are ten concerts that unfortunately ended in violence.

Tushino Bombings

On July 5, 2003, two female suicide bombers decided to detonate themselves while at a rock concert at Tushino airfield in Moscow, Russia. The concert reportedly had around 20,000 people in attendance. The bombs killed 14.

Colectiv Nightclub Fire

The Colectiv Nightclub in Bucharest was housing the Romanian rock band Goodbye to Gravity earlier this year. A fire erupted on stage, which caused the attendees to panic and rush for an exit. Unfortunately, there was so much chaos that 27 people lost their lives, and 180 more were hospitalized.