10 Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day

Whenever February 14th rolls around, lovers everywhere take the time to show their appreciation to the important people in their lives. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for someone to let a person know how much he or she loves him or her. It is also the perfect time for someone who has had a crush on another individual for the longest time and just didn’t know how to showcase his or her feelings. Without a doubt, Valentine’s Day is a day we use to show our love and affection. Here are some interesting facts about the lovely holiday.

Chocolate Connection

Richard Cadbury from the Cadbury chocolate family created the first Valentine’s Day box of chocolates back in 1868. He gave a heart shaped box of chocolates to his lover and the idea stuck many years later.

Red Roses

There’s a reason why red roses are associated with Valentine’s Day. The red rose was the favorite flower of the goddess of love, Venus.