10 Interesting Facts About Leonardo DiCaprio

This list has been put together to celebrate and honor Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent Oscar win on February 28. Leonardo DiCaprio, more fondly known by his fans as “Leo,” has been an actor for many years. He is known for his roles as Jack Dawson in The Titanic, Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, Dom Cobb in Inception, and most recently, Hugh Glass in The Revenant.

Leo is revered in the acting community world-wide for his commitment to the roles that he plays. He completely immerses himself in his character and stops at nothing to play the role to the best of his ability. Not only is he a phenomenal actor, but he is also a committed environmentalist, who has donated millions of dollars to different causes across this planet. This list is full of facts about Leo that probably aren’t as well-known as the movies he’s in, but they are still important.

Leo’s Titanic Connection

In 2009, Leo and Kate Winslet helped pay the nursing home fees for the last living Titanic survivor so that she wouldn’t have to sell her mementos.

Leo’s Car

Although Leo has the money for it, he doesn’t drive expensive cars or own his own private jet. For the sake of the environment, he drives a Prius and flies coach.

Leo’s Daughter

Many people do not know that Leo has an adopted daughter. While filming the movie “Blood Diamond,” Leo made a close connection with a young orphaned girl from Mozambique. He sends her money every month, and calls regularly.

Leo Was Called Boring

A Time magazine journalist once called Leo boring because he could list off twenty endangered species by memory.

Possible Name Change

When Leo started his acting career, his agent initially suggested that he change his name to something more American-friendly. The suggestion was “Lenny Williams.” Leo did not follow that advice.

Leo’s Friendship With Kate Winslet

Leo and Kate have an incredible friendship, and have worked together more than once. After filming Revolutionary Road together in 2008, Leo bought Kate an inscribed ring. She keeps the inscription a secret.

Leo’s Name

Leo was named after Leonardo Da Vinci, because the first time he kicked in his mother’s womb was when she was viewing Leonardo Da Vinci’s artwork in Florence.

Leo’s Near Death Experiences

Leo has almost died more than once. One time, he was on a diving expedition in South Africa, and came face to face with a rambunctious Great White shark. Another time, he was skydiving and his parachute wouldn’t open.

Leo Is A Committed Philanthropist

Leo has donated millions of dollars to great causes all over this planet. In 2010, he donated $1 million to relief efforts in Haiti after a terrible earthquake. In 2013, he donated $3 million to saving tigers in Nepal. In 2014 he donated $3 million to ocean conservation.

Leo’s Acting Career

For Leo, his acting career actually started when he was five years old. He was set to appear on the TV show “Romper Room” but then he was kicked off the set for being too disruptive.