10 Interesting Facts About Bodyguards You Didn’t Know

There have been bodyguards throughout history for as long as there were people of power and importance that needed to be safeguarded from bodily harm in the world. Most movies and television series tend to portray these bodyguards as having an exciting and exotic lifestyle and career, but in reality it is mostly tedious and sometimes dangerous. The long hours and standing on your feet for lengthy periods of time can really take a toll on the human body, too. Here are ten interesting facts about bodyguards you probably didn’t know.

Hitler’s Bodyguard

At the time, Hitler was the single most important person in Germany, so it makes sense he had a dedicated bodyguard on him at all times. Rochus Misch, of the SS, was Adolf Hitler’s personal bodyguard throughout the war. He was captured and tortured by the Russians after the war, then released. Misch was the final survivor of the bunker where Hitler committed suicide. He just died in 2013 at the age of 96.


Being a bodyguard is a job that requires a lot of responsibility. You must always be on edge, ready to grab your gun, and perhaps even take a bullet for someone you barely know at the time. It is not an easy lifestyle.