10 Interesting And Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Rugrats

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Rugrats is without a doubt one of the most popular cartoons in Nickelodeon history. It followed and depicted the interesting lives of babies and toddlers when adults weren’t looking. Rugrats helped many kids explore their imaginations along with its diaper wearing characters. While Rugrats became a staple in pop culture history, there are some interesting facts many may not know about the popular Nicktoon series. Here’s a list of some interesting facts about the Rugrats you probably didn’t know about.


The inspiration for the series occurred when the show’s creator, Arlene Klasky asked herself, ‘if babies could talk, what would they say?’

The Simpsons Connection

Before creating the Rugrats, Gábor Csupó and Arlene Klasky worked on another popular animated series, The Simpsons. They worked on The Simpsons until 1992.

Tommy’s Bravery

Tommy was pretty much the ringleader out of the Rugrats crew. There’s a reason for Tommy’s bravery. He was born premature and the writers wanted to depict the fact that Tommy was a fighter.

Movie History

In the 90’s, it was pretty uncommon for a TV show to be turned into a feature film. The Rugrats made history by becoming the first Nickelodeon cartoon to be turned into a movie.

Reptar Experiment

Reptar was a famous dinosaur character shown throughout the series. Reptar was created as social experiment to see how Japanese pop culture had an influence in children’s entertainment.


Rugrats was initially cancelled back in 1994. When the series aired two holiday specials, the ratings were a hit. This made Nickelodeon renew the series and gave them an idea to create the Rugrats movie.

Conspiracy Theory

There’s a strange conspiracy theory that all of the baby characters are a figment of Angelica’s imagination.

Nicktoon History

Rugrats is the second longest running Nickelodeon Nicktoon with 172 episodes. It falls right behind SpongeBob Squarepants.

Voiced By Women

All of the babies on the show were voiced by women. This helped with creating the high pitch voices babies are notoriously known to have.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Rugrats made history by being the only Nickelodeon show to have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.