10 Instances Terrible Parkers Got What They Deserved

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We’ve all been witnesses of bad parking, usually after searching for so long for a free parking spot you finally find one but… It’s way too small, because somebody parked like he is the owner of the street. It’s not uncommon, actually it’s more common than we’d like to admit. The world is full of bad parkers who don’t care about the rules and common decency. After seeing someone break the rules that way, most people just complain to themselves and go off in their search for another spot. However, there’s always those who seek revenge. And when that happens, hilarious pictures come to life. Here’s the ten times bad parkers finally got what they deserved!

Parking Spot Just For You

If you can’t see the lines, maybe a thoughtful citizen will make a parking spot that fits around your car!

Worst Parking Award

We wonder if the balloons are part of the prize as well.

Parking Etiquette

When they block you, you block them back.

Parking Contest Winner

There’s nothing like the public display of sarcasm over a parking spot.

Princess Parking

Next time we see someone inappropriately parking, this is what we are going to do as well. Seems fun!

Don’t Park Like A Tool

You can always take a high route and teach a person something, although we still prefer the sarcasm.

Fire Hydrant

When you can’t move them, break their windows.

Double The Fun

We appreciate the stupidity of the white sports car and the creativity of the range rover.

Parking Instructions

Sarcasm, irony and a bit of cynicism all went into this note.

I’m Special

Here’s to all the heroes actually going through the trouble of writing signs like this next to all the stupidly parked cars. We salute you.