10 Incredible Technologies You Can Never Use

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Technology is one aspect of being a human being that sets us apart from all other living animals on this planet. When compared to an animal, such as a dog or a cat, humans have access to far larger brains, our thumbs, computers, and even the dishwasher. With such impressive technologies, humans have become the dominant species on the planet. Unfortunately, not all technology is available to everyone in our society, though. Some items have been deemed classified or for military use only by various governments. Here are ten incredible technologies you can never use.

Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel is the impressive material used during the Middle Ages to craft swords and other weapons. Today, however, the exact process is somewhat hidden and the recipe is gone entirely.

Vitrum Flexile

Vitrum Flexile is a type of flexible glass that is stronger than normal glass. When thrown on the ground, it simply bends instead of shatters. Emperor Tiberius, however, feared the invention, so he killed the glassmaker behind it and burned his shop to the ground.


Mithridatium is known as an antidote to every single poison on the planet, plus a cure to other ailments. It is super medicine, basically. However, the 36 ingredients required to make it are difficult to come by, and the original recipe has been lost.

Greek Fire

Greek Fire was pure devastation on the battlefield. During ancient times, armies would make use of the flammable material to light entire cities and people on fire. Today, the recipe has been hidden away.

Incan Stonemasonry

Incan Stonemasonry is a wondrous thing. There are still buildings and walls standing strong from hundreds of years ago. However, trial and error have revealed we cannot duplicate this process.

Roman Concrete

The Romans were known for building impressive cities and structures using their concrete techniques and methods. Unfortunately, after the sacking of Rome, the plans and recipes were lost.

The Iron Pillar of Delhi

The Iron Pillar of Delhi is made of a type of iron that never rusts, but no one is one-hundred percent sure how this works. Some believe the processing methods and properties of the metal are what makes this possible. For now, though, it remains a mystery.

Tesla’s Free Wireless Energy

Nikola Tesla was a brilliant man. He was decades ahead of his time when it comes to wireless technology and electricity. His free wireless energy designs are a bit of a mystery, though. The plans died along with Tesla, unfortunately.


Starlite was invented by an amateur scientist back in the 1980s. At the time, the substance could resist an impact of 75 Hiroshima bombs at once. Maurice Ward died without giving away the secrets, though.

Sloot Digital Coding System

The Sloot Digital Coding System is capable of compressing 10 GB to just 8 KB, which is truly impressive in today’s standards. After the death of Jan Sloot, the floppy disk containing the technology went missing.