10 Incredible Pictures You Won’t Believe Are Pencil Drawings

While many different people are able to produce great works of art, few have the ability to stun the viewer like ultra-realistic pencil drawings can. Not only do they include amazing levels of detail, they actually appear to not be a sketch at all. In fact, they look much more like a photograph and it can be almost impossible to tell that they have been created entirely by pencil. Take a look at the examples in this article and be amazed by the incredible images the artists have managed to produce.


Linda Huber is the artist responsible for this amazing ultra-realistic pencil drawing of a lightbulb, which took between 20 to 30 hours to complete. It’s little wonder considering how much detail has been put into the artwork to make it appear so real.

The Hobbit

This artist managed to recreate a scene from the very first film in The Hobbit trilogy, capturing Martin Freeman and the dwarves in his home in Bag End.