10 Incredible Facts You Never Knew About Blood

Depending on the person and what their past experiences have been like, blood can make an individual incredibly queasy or have no effect whatsoever on their state of mind and well being. Trauma generally causes someone to associate blood with a negative experience, making them wince and scramble away from any blood fountains. Despite what you may think about blood and where it comes from, there are a lot of interesting facts that can be learned through careful research and science. Here are ten incredibly fascinating blood facts for the squeamish.

James Christopher Harrison

James Christopher Harrison nearly died when he was younger, so he vowed to donate blood to help others. It turns out his blood can cure the Rhesus disease, so he has donated over 1,000 times in his lifetime. This has helped save over 2,000,000 unborn babies.

Heart Pressure

The heart is a powerful muscle, so it makes sense that it can create enough pressure within the body to shoot blood up to nine meters in total.