10 Horror Movies Based On Real Life Events

The horror genre is one of the best in the movie, book, and video game worlds, hands down. To make things even worse – and just a tad bit scarier – some of the stories told in these mediums are actually based on true stories. While some movies are an amalgamation of a true tale, or simply inspired by something that once happened, there are actual movies out there solely based off real happenings. Films can do wonders when recreating stories. Here are ten horror movies that should terrify anyone because they are based on real life events.

Van Diemen’s Land, 2009

In 1882, eight convicts escape from Macquarie Harbor and take off into the Australian wilderness. Only one managed to emerge from the aftermath, and he had chunks of human flesh stuffed in his pockets and a full stomach.

The Girl Next Door, 2007

While not exactly a true horror, the tale is quite terrifying. Based on the abuse, week-long torture, rape, and eventual murder of 16-year-old Sylvia Likens, this 2007 film spared very little detail. Authorities call it the worst crime ever to occur in Indiana.