10 Hilarious Pop Culture Cross-Overs For The Batman Vs Superman Season

A movie of truly epic proportions is about to hit theaters worldwide, bringing fans of the DC universe their first glimpse of watching their two favorite icons on the same screen. The prospect of seeing Batman and Superman collide fists and values is a tantalizing one, possibly setting up one of the best on-screen moments of all-time. This is the power of great mash-ups and cross-overs, allowing fans to revel in the glory of watching more than one of their favorite characters in the same story line. Artist Marco D’Alfonso understood the value of pop culture mash-ups, which is why he created this hilarious series that brings together some of your favorite characters and pop-culture references. Here are 10 of his best creations.

Smells Like Teen Titans

Grunge will always be alive thanks to Nirvana, and their sepia-masterpiece – Smells like teen spirit. This mash-up sees the ‘Teen Titans’ take on a darker role. It is also kind of apt that Robin is cast as Kurt Cobain in this scenario.

Kill Quill

Gamora is one of the best female characters in the Marvel universe, and it is appropriate to compare her with Uma Thurman’s character in ‘Kill Bill’. The only difference is that Gamora develops a soft spot for the man she wants to murder.