10 Hilarious Haircuts That Will Make You Cringe

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Another day, another list of hilariously embarrassing fails. This time we gathered some of the absolutely worst kid hairstyles and haircuts that have ever existed in the history of the world. Most of them, of course, originate from the 80s and 90s – the coolest years when it comes to hairstyles. We have cackled, laughed, and ridiculed all of these while compiling the list – the question is, which one is absolutely the worst? Which one is your favorite? So if you want to see some of the worst haircuts in the world, read on!


The weird taupe thing is so weird we feel traumatized… Next!

More Hairspray

Paired with those sunglasses… hot!

Right Side Ponytail

Curles to the right, to the right… If you look past the curles, there’s still the awful fringe we can’t unsee.

The Sleek Back

On one side, there’s the sleek back, too-much-gel thing. On the other side, there’s a mess.

Green Braids

We’re not sure what’s more disturbing – the braids, the position of the braids, or the fact they are dyed green.

Lawn Haircut

The longer back part is equally disturbing as the spikey, grass-like front part.

Lawn Haircut 2

Just like the previous photo, this one has two completely different hairstyles going on in the front and in the back. Then there’s also the buzzed ear par which is the worst.

Snake Hairstyle

Long hairstyles can look amazing on males, and here we emphasize the can. This one, however, should not be worn by anyone!


Never do this to you children. Never.

60 Year Old Child

How to make your 6-year-old kid look 60? Attempt to do this hairstyle on them.