10 Hilarious GoFundme Pages You Have To See To Believe

GoFundme is a popular fundraising website that raised over 2 billion dollars for personal causes. It has saved lives and put a smile on the faces of troubled families and suffering victims. As heartwarming as their work has been, GoFundme sometimes has a good share of morons with first world problems or politically incorrect users lurking on the internet hoping to make some quick money. Here are 10 such shocking GoFundme pages for the most absurd reasons possible.

Tabitha Renea West

This woman crowdfunded over 900 dollars in two days to get the 420 tattoo removed off her forehead. Tabitha said that the tattoo made it difficult for her to get jobs.

Need a Car?

This man who believes we need to get him a car so he can shower the world with his sexiness.