20 Awful Things About Being In Your 20s No One Told You About

Every child looks forward to their 20’s with an eager appetite. Free from responsibility, parental guidance and schoolwork, the years that are your 20’s seem to be nothing but fun and games. That it, of course, until you’re actually living in them. Being a 20 something is not quite as enjoyable as it seems from the outside and if you find yourself worrying that you’re not enjoying yourself as much as you should be, you’re not alone. Let’s all revel in the pain together; your 20’s suck and there’s no point in denying it any more.

Taxes Literally Won’t Make Sense

Going from being a teenager to being an adult is something that happens literally overnight and with it, comes a whole load of new responsibilities. Now that you’re officially grown up, you’re expected to just know how to do your taxes but instead, you find yourself calling up your dad, crying down the phone and wishing you were still 7.

Your Starting Salary Will Be Less Than Your First Job

Entering the working world is something that most kids dream about, but the reality of working full time can be a little different than you expected. The fact that you make less in your graduate job than you did on tips before is more than a little depressing.

You Will Catch Your Roommate In The Act

Being a 20 something means that you are morally obligated to live with at least 5 other people, in the smallest space imaginable. You have walked in on your roommates in every situation imaginable and by now, you’re not shocked by anything.

You Won’t Get You Dream Apartment

Your first apartment will be in the bad part of town, have a bug infestation and rarely get hot water. You will curse the day that you left your parents’ house; hey, it’s all part of the experience, isn’t it?