10 Hilarious And Weird Coffee Table Books You Should Own

Usually books are perceived as a portal to new and exciting worlds that can truly make your imagination go wild. However, as the trend to own short or illustrative books that suit your personality grew stronger and people started showing off their collections to friends and family by simply putting the books on the table in the living room, the idea of the coffee table book was born. Today, as the most bizarre and weird books are on the rise, there are also a dozen of coffee table books you can choose from that will not only make your guests giggle just by reading the title, but will always be there to pick you up if you need a quick laugh. Without further adieu, here are 10 of the most hilarious coffee table books you can own.

Underwater Dogs

If you thought photos of dogs underwater are funny when scrolling on the internet, you would be happy to learn that the book version by Seth Casteel, simply called Underwater Dogs, is twice as hilarious.

Cacas: The Encyclopedia of Poo

A book filled with excrement, Cacas: The Encyclopedia of Poo has as much as 68 different varieties of animal poo.