10 Gorgeous Playboy Playmates Who Were Involved In Crime

When you think about Playboy Playmates, your mind wanders to some of the most stunningly beautiful women the world has ever known. What you probably don’t think about is the number of women who have made the covers of the famous magazine who have actually been involved in a serious crime. That’s actually a bit of an oversight on our part, considering that crimes happen in every walk of life and these women, as pretty as they might be, are only human. With that in mind, check out our list of 10 gorgeous Playboy playmates who were shockingly involved in a crime and tell us just how surprised you really were.

Colleen Shannon

Colleen Shannon’s crime was getting her boyfriend into the country from Canada. Turns out he had a criminal record and therefore could not legally immigrate. Shannon snuck him into the country through an Indian Reservation but the pair were eventually caught. Shannon served four months in prison for her part in the plot.

Angela Dorian

Dorian committed the worst crime on this list, considering she was convicted of murdering her husband. She did the deed in 2011 and was sentenced to nine years in prison for manslaughter.