10 Futuristic Items We Still All Want

The future may be upon us in some ways, but there are plenty of items on our personal wishlists that haven’t been fully realized as of right now. We’re all hoping to get our hands on an invisibility cloak, a flying car, or even a force field that can prevent bullets. Of course, some of this stuff is already in early prototype by the military and various government agencies, but that doesn’t mean the public is getting their hands on it anytime soon. Anyway, here are ten futuristic items we want as soon as possible.


Germany tried to launch their soldiers over minefields in World War 2 using a crude form of the jetpack, but we haven’t actually seen anything fanciful or useful as of yet. Martin Aircraft Company, of New Zealand, is working on making this a true reality, though.

Meal Pills

Just imagine; an entire meal, perhaps even a seven-course fancy dinner, all encompassed within a single pill. Of course, food is still amazing and we absolutely love chomping down on some pizza, but the idea of simply taking one quick nutritional pill is quite cool.